Deal With It

Posted on 2006-12-09. Filed under: Thoughts |

I read something today that made me stop and think:
“Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.”

Perhaps this is what I’m doing here, or at least part of it.

So, I guess that means I’ll put my thoughts and opinions here on things that I think about whether or not they’re part of the accepted mainstream. And, I’m guessing that a lot of my thoughts are not. For example,

  • One of my foundational thoughts: “We’re all wrong – including me.”
  • If you’re thinking an expletive/obscenity, you might as well say it. Otherwise, you’re a fake.
  • Surround yourself with people with whom you can be absolutely candid, frank, honest. They’re your support. Once you find them, take care of them.
  • Be yourself. God made you unique. Start where you’re at and pursue God. Don’t put on some accepted mask and pretend that that’s what you are. That’s exactly what Jesus railed against with the Pharisees. This may offend people. All you can do is apologize and move on. Because God is what you’re after.
  • God is not only a God of love, mercy, forgiveness and grace but a God of justice, hatred, eradication and annihilation. It’s in the Bible – look it up. What does this mean to us in daily life? I’m not sure (still thinking about that) but just don’t forget it.
  • Embrace the pain. Change hurts. Growth hurts. If you’re not ready to deal with the pain, you’re not ready to grow and you will continue to remain where you are or you will deteriorate further. As Westly says in Princess Bride, “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” But, having said that, know your threshold. Too much physical pain can kill someone, break their spirit, make them insane. It’s the same spiritually and soulfully. As in weightlifting, you get up to the threshold, stay there as long as you can but don’t cross it. And then afterwards, give yourself time to heal, regenerate and grow stronger.
  • Be vulnerable. You make yourself vulnerable when you choose to fight. You make yourself vulnerable when you trust someone to fight alongside you or to guard your back. You make yourself vulnerable when you choose to follow someone. Those who are not vulnerable are cowards.

OK – now I think I’m rambling because it’s so late and the process that I’ve been waiting for it to complete has now completed. So, for now, ’nuff said.

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