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Mr. Bojangles

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I’m sitting here preparing for a long night. I have a 255-page manual to conquer before tomorrow when I have to actually setup some software for us to test. Right now, I’m on page 31 and it’s 10:53 PM.

I’m thinking about the events of the day and some conversations I’ve had with a handful of people. Today, it was very easy for me to touch people’s nerves.

I’ll be praying through the night for clarity of thought and speech, emotion and will. Strenthen me tonight, God. Stay with me and be with those that earnestly seek your face. Snatch us from the jaws of the enemy one more time and help us find the authority in Jesus to cause him to flee. Amen.

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Daddy, Where does paisley come from?

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Rather than working as I am wont to do, I spent the evening laying on the sofa because I was so exhausted today. I watched a guitar festival put on by Eric Clapton. There was rock, country, Latin & blues – lots of blues. And as I lay there listening, I realized that paisley must have come from the way that guitar music makes you feel. It’s a swirling of emotions, imagination and thoughts that swell up within me. I can’t single out any one of them. So, now instead of being just physically exhausted, I am emotionally exhausted as well. But, I really enjoyed the music. I appreciate those who can create music like that. I use ta be a good drummer but that’s just one of the many “use ta’s” in my life. I wish I had stuck with it. But to listen to the way those guys played tonight. It was music for the sheer joy of it; you could tell they enjoyed playing. And I enjoyed listening.

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