Forward, Ho!

Posted on 2006-12-13. Filed under: Thoughts |

Is a man the sum of his dreams? the sum of his fears? I recall the dreams I had as a boy and the person that I was then. I think of the freedom of spirit that I had and the resoluteness of strength. I look at how my dreams have changed over time and where they stand now. And I wonder if my current dreams are worthy of a life given by God or if they are not up to par? Do I still pursue freedom? Do I still pursue strength? I think I am finding freedom in my faith but it is a freedom of which I did not expect and in which I am not sure how I fit. I am still looking for my strength and pray that God is my strength. The strengths I had in the past all came from fear. I think fear has fueled my dreams throughout my life. And I wonder if they should not be fueled by my faith? Life is full of choices and feelings. Sometimes I feel that I will reach one hundred and twenty years – then to be called home by my dad. Sometimes I look over my shoulder and wonder if my life will end suddenly and soon and have I prepared those around me. I’m not sure which one is yet to be my destiny but I think that one of them is for me. And not knowing, I press on and wonder as I go…

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3 Responses to “Forward, Ho!”

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“And I wonder if my current dreams are worthy of a life given by God or if they are not up to par?”

Wow, that’s a very good thought and something I don’t think I think on enough. Not only am I currently living my life for Him, but also do my dreams reflect a life devoted to him.

For me, I can’t separate my dreams and goals from my life. It’s like the chicken and the egg. One becomes the other which creates more of the first.

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