I Bought Her for $20…

Posted on 2006-12-14. Filed under: Thoughts |

…but she got me for free! 😆

Life goes through its seasons. For each part of your life, there are the barren winters, budding springs, blooming summers and the ripened falls. Our marriage has done the same. Over the last twelve years, we have been through many seasons. But, since this past Thanksgiving night, we have come into a newly nascent period of our marriage and I’m enjoying it. We have actually been able to communicate lately in a way that we both understand. I do appreciate that she is now hearing what I say and responding. And, I am thankful that we have friends surrounding us that care enough about us that they are willing to go to bat for us when we need it and provide something to guide us or simply something to lean on. Tonight we spent a relaxed fun time out and about – walking, talking and observing.

I read recently that men bring life with them wherever they go – we carry it within us in our seed ready to be given to a woman who will accept it, nurture it and grow it.

So, I will bring life to my woman in my words because life is in the power of the tongue. I will offer her what I have.

I will continue to pursue you.

I do delight in you.

I will continue to fight for you.

I have chosen you and I continue to choose you.

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Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest
is my lover among the young men.
I delight to sit in his shade,
and his fruit is sweet to my taste.
Song of Solomon 2:3

Hey, here’s a happy place… Oh excuse me, I didn’t see you two romancing there.

OK, I’ll take your word that you didn’t see us but you sure musta heard us!! 😉

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