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Today I was faced with evidence of sin in the life of a brother that I see a lot but I’m not real close with. One thing that I know of this brother is that he thinks he can “go it alone”. I’m not writing about it to condemn him for still having sin in his life. But, it did make me think about a couple of things:

  1. I’m so glad that I’m over that Rambo/Terminator self-image where it’s me against the world, no one’s got my back and all of the responsibility for success falls on my weary Atlas shoulders. I mean, people who know me know that I’m all about the 80’s but that mentality can definitely stay there.
  2. I have a problem talking with people I don’t know real well. If I knew this guy better, it would be so much easier to talk with him about it. I tell those close to me what they’re doing wrong all the time! 8) But, I find it difficult to get into things with those I don’t really know that well. Hmmm…

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5 Responses to “Brothers”

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There’s a certain gifting on people who can talk to anyone gently, compassionately, and in a non-threatening manner about these types of things. I used to think I was one of these counselors but I’m realizing that either I’ve changed or I’ve stopped caring. Hmmm…. That can’t be good.

I wouldn’t say that it’s not good. We all change over time. It may be that you’ve developed additional giftings elsewhere. Did you ever take this spiritual gifts test?

Think of the Good Samaritan, he was a total stranger and foreigner no less but still made the effort to help someone visibly in need.

For me, it’s weird but I have no problem helping strangers or good friends. It’s my acquaintances that I have issues with. I don’t understand it at all and don’t believe this is how I *should* be. But it’s how I am right now and it’s something that I’m wrestling with. 😕

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