Just recollecting…

Posted on 2006-12-16. Filed under: Life |

This week, I’ve been eating pretty well – that is, until tonight. I had at least 6 fish – maybe 8; I lost count. And some onion rings. And they were all deep fat fried. And they were soo sooo good! And this one time at band camp…

I finished that 255 page manual today – finally! And after I was done, I realized that it didn’t contain the information I needed. It referred me to another manual! 😯 I think I’m going to just figure it out myself – and I think I have.

While BP & GP were out with some friends this afternoon, I was working and listening to some music. While I was working, I heard a deliveryman drop off some packages on the front porch. However, when it happened, something in my brain clicked and I went back in time. I reached for a weapon and proceeded to sweep the entire house looking for an intruder. 😆 Afterwards, it was funny.

I spent some time hanging out with GP late this afternoon while BP slept off a headache. And then both of us nodded off too. I can already look at him and see the teenager he’s becoming. Making me feel old… Though I do have high school friends who have kids that are in middle school, I guess.

I just finished watching an Adam Sandler flick – can’t resist one of those. And I just had some great Espresso Dark Roast – not my normal Chicory coffee. And, since I have to be up and out at 6:30 in the morning to have my mullet removed, I think I’m going to stay up and watch a DVD that’s been sitting downstairs from Netflix for probably a week now. We’ve got Season 1 Disc 1 of Pinky and the Brain!! Apparently, GP really likes it and BP & I used to watch it all the time, along with Animaniacs. I haven’t had a chance to watch the DVD yet so I’m going to now – at least for a little while…

There were two Christmas parties I was supposed to be at tonight. Oh well – this way I didn’t have to take off my pajamas or comb my hair. I’m still wearing what I woke up in this morning. Well, that’s not true – I’m wearing what I put on after I woke up this morning. I’m hot-natured… 🙂

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5 Responses to “Just recollecting…”

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Is it just that we guys sometimes prefer solitude over social gatherings? I missed a couple of Christmas parties also and while I don’t feel bad about missing them, I wonder if there’s something there to be understood better.

Are you going to post before/after (mullet) pictures? 🙂

love Pinky and the Brain!! yeah, what up with
the solitude?

It’s a man thing. No one unverstands. Not even them!! LOL

No, we understand. But if we explained it to you, you would finally understand everything else about us and we would lose our hold on world domination! :mrgreen:

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