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I am deficient

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So said my wife to me tonight – even if she can’t remember doing it. And I guess today she is right. I am deficient:

  • in controlling violent tendencies. Today I have had extra energy that needed releasing. I have apparently been banging stuff around. Sometimes the energy comes out in weird little tunes that escape the crevices of my mind. Sometimes it comes out with a little extra force when I put the glass on the table.
  • in following up with people. I was supposed to check in with two of my friends today and called neither of them.
  • in applying force to my tasks. I still have so much to do today and it’s exactly 9:34 PM. Oy!
  • in at least acting like an adult. I think I embarassed her tonight! 😛

At least my monthly meeting went well this afternoon. I pretty much abdicated running the meeting to a couple of other people and I just sat there and listened. And then I handed out free crap to some folks.

Mia moglie thinks I am going through withdrawal. I just think I’m tired and bored. I was watching the 40 Worst Dirrrty Love Songs Ever or something like that on VH1 last night with my wife. It was pretty funny. One of the songs was I want action by Poison. I want action tonight Satisfaction all night. Now, they’re talking about a completely different action than what I want. Sometimes growing up, I just had an excess of energy to get out. I would drive really really fast or really really recklessly. I would pick fights. I would exercise all night long. I would do all kinds of things when this sort of feeling came over me. I think I’m having one of those episodes right now. That’s what Ferris Buehhler had; he was having one of these episodes when he skipped school and had his adventurous day off.

The dilemma now is how to release this energy without breaking my aching, creaking body. It was so funny today when I went to do my first push-up; every one of my joints from my neck to my ankles seemed to pop at the same time! Sounded weird and felt weird. Anyway, I’m getting off here. I’m supposed to perform maintenance on four separate servers tonight. And, I’m supposed to review a contract for someone helping us take our service nationwide. And, I’m supposed to figure out why some of my new scripts aren’t working. Blah. I think I’m first going to waste some time reading email and listening to some classic music! BP is downstairs chatting with a friend so at least she has some adult company. 😉

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