I’m not on vacation…

Posted on 2006-12-22. Filed under: Thoughts |

…I’m simply living my life in a different location.

I used to hear people say that and it’s a great concept. And, this week I got to experience it. We got home today from having spent nearly two days with friends. Granted, they live in the same city as we do. But, we spent practically the entire two days there, including nights.

It’s really cool to have folk that don’t irritate me when I spend that much time with them. Usually after that much time with people, you just want to go your separate ways for a while. But with this couple, things are very comfortable. It’s a feeling that I’ve never had with a couple before. The only thing like it was how I felt about the inner crowd that I ran around with in high school. We were always together. I probably spent half my nights away from my parents’ house because I was with a friend. One of my friends had a dad who was a widower and was retired. He would spend weeks away at his mountain cabin way up in the middle of nowhere. I practically lived with this guy. He had two older sisters but they were full grown with families while he was in high school. So, he basically was living by himself. I had my own clothes and toiletries at his place and it was great. In the summer, we used to wake up and go jump in his pool first thing. That was how we started each day. Around the pool, there was a fence covered in muscadine vines and towards the latter part of the summer, we would sit out there and just eat muscadines and cut up. His dad also owned a Christmas tree farm behind their house and we would take four-wheelers and drive as fast as we could through these straight lines of closely grown trees. That was a lot of fun! We would skip school and just drive to Black Mountain or Greensboro or Boone and pick up girls. I still have a few pieces of clothing that I “borrowed” from him. (And yes, occasionally I still wear them!) Anyways, I’m rambling because there are so many memories. But, it’s been a long time since I’ve been comfortable with someone. I don’t see him anymore because I mangled that friendship after high school. I’m just glad that I’ve gotten another chance at that with new people…

Another thought I had after the last couple of days is that I really appreciated the ability to do that. I mean it was two days in the middle of the work week. Because my wife is home with my son and because I have a very flexible work situation, it was possible to live our lives in a different location. And throughout those couple of days, my business continued to run, my customers’ requests were still fulfilled and I don’t think anyone probably noticed. That makes me appreciate my situation and really look forward to how things can change in the coming year based on our business plan to not only give us the freedom to do this but additional income to do this in more exotic locales than our town. Not that we didn’t enjoy it (not at all), but just think if we (all four of us + chubs) had been able to spend those same two days on a cruise ship or hanging out at a B&B or (…the opportunities really do open up).

I have nothing to be ungrateful for…

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“Ain’t it great!” And, yes, I meant that to be a quote.

our abode is far too quiet
we miss you
New Year’s is going to be way fun šŸ™‚

We’re looking forward to reuniting the CommuniP, too! Definitely going to enjoy the NYE festivities. We’re going to look for some cool new games & BP still has the scoresheet for that unfinished Spades game!

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