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It’s Day #4

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If my mind had skin, it would be itchin’ like crazy.

God, give me the strength and grace to overcome. Hold me now…

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Society to Prevent Mad, Black Women

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Tonight at ENLI, we studied church history and some of the things that we studied were 19th-century prayer and missionary societies. While I was listening to the instructor, all of a sudden it came to me in a flash that I have a society. It’s the Society to Prevent Mad, Black Women, otherwise known as the C*mm*n*-P.

How do we prevent mad, black women? We heal them in the name of Jesus! We remove their madness (and their anger, too!) 😉 We restore the promises of God to them, help them overcome their past, overcome their grief, relinquish their bitterness, grasp on to their faith and hope in the name and blood of Jesus and bring them into the promises of God.

DISCLAIMER: All of the above was said with la lingua firmly nestled in la guancia. Well, sorta kinda, maybe, possibly, not really.

😈 😀 😆 😛 😉

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Protected: My Son and Wife…

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You Can’t Take My Freedom!

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…would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!


It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.


William Wallace, Braveheart

Today, our pastor’s sermon was centered on The Armor of God in Ephesians 6. I’ll admit – I was struggling to stay awake during the sermon. We had been up late Saturday night talking with some friends. One of the things we discussed with our friends was the need to fight and ward against the “little foxes“, meaning the little things that creep up on you and derail you or distract you or demoralize you in your quest for God. These are the things that are there all of a sudden when you look up and they are now something that you have to actively deal with – they are a battle to fight. Usually, these things are in your soul – they are a thought in your mind; they are an emotion that comes upon you; they are a desire that you want.

Well, as I’ve said recently, it’s funny how God’s timing is!! After discussing that last night, our pastor spoke this morning about how our biggest spiritual fight is usually in our mind and it’s against the fiery darts of the enemy. We spoke of little foxes and he spoke of fiery darts but we’re talking about the same thing. What’s going on in our minds eventually comes out of our mouth and into the things we do. The place to fight, therefore, is in our thought processes before these things can burrow deeper into our lives in our verbal processes and our habits. I wonder sometimes if Pastor has the living room bugged – just sitting there listening to what we’re going through and figuring out what to talk about on Sunday. 😀

This was a really good sermon. Lately, I’ve heard a number of people say that a lot of the sermons have been milk – meaning they have been very basic sermons directed towards the infants in Christ that needed that type of sustenance. Now, I can see where they’re coming from but I’ve still been able to get a nugget out of each sermon that made the morning worthwhile without counting the fellowship and the worship time. It was good today to have a sermon that provided much more than a morsel – this was a sermon that was edible by both the infants and by the older brothers and sisters. As Shrek said, it had laaayers!

Earlier this month, I wrote about one thing I want to accomplish this year and that’s to be more of a blessing to those that are in my life. Yesterday, I took a prayer walk that was so refreshing. It was a beautiful day and there were few people out. I received two words of God during that time. The first was that God wants me to have more of a servant’s heart towards the people in my life – my family, my friends and other people that God lays on my heart. This will be something I think about a lot over the next little bit. God gave me a great example of how to do so today. I had a distant friend/acquaintance (not sure what to call him) come up today and ask me out of the blue about a mutual friend from whom I just heard from this past week. This mutual friend is going through a lot right now and the acquaintance began to talk about some ways to help him and encouraged me that I could help our friend. I’m going to proceed and see what I can do to help him out and just serve him during this time. I think that’s what church is – it’s not a building or a planned event, it’s compassion (suffering with one another or bearing with one another). Another thing that I was convicted of this weekend that’s related to this is that I need to stand in the gap more for the people in my life when I pray for them. Instead of just praying for them, I should also intercede for them.

The other thing I received during that prayer walk was a tactic to use in a battle I’ve had since about October of this past year in my mind. This has been a spiritual battle. And I have sought the help of my brothers to stand with me in this battle. Yesterday, God told me something very simple to do in order to win this battle. It may not be the triumphal blow but it’s a tactic that will gain ground. Now, I say it’s simple but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. It’s not easy – I’m already feeling pain from doing it for one day. But, I have confidence that this is the way to go and that with God it can and it will be accomplished!

Jesus came to bring us life and not just any life but full life, abundant life, restored life. He came to restore us to our former glory. Something I read recently was that we hear a lot about Original Sin but not as much about Original Glory which came before and which is closer to our nature – our reflection of God that was put into us by him. Part of this glory is freedom from sin and from the devil. We are no longer captives in enemy territory; we are free men and women able to fight back. The only chains put upon us now are those we don’t protect ourselves from with the armor of God and struggle against with the sword of the Word. And, that is what we must do – protect and fight.

In that vein, one thing that I have learned recently is to not stress. The war has been won and the battle is now. So, wherever I have been put, that is where I stand and fight. If this is how I am right now, then just be and fight. See, you shouldn’t just be – and that’s it. Instead, remember why we are here – to pursue a relationship with God. He created us for relationship. So, stand and seek God. By seeking him, change will come. And, it will be the right kind of change – not forced change that may not last and that may not be real internal change. But, if I seek God, I will have real change such as the type that affects my life, the world and God’s kingdom forever. Praise God forevermore!

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My Words and Deeds

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I’m about to post about thoughts becoming words becoming deeds. But, first I want to post about something that happened this weekend. I realized fully that something I had done/said to a friend had really hurt them. In all honesty, I don’t even remember clearly what I did or said that hurt them. They had mentioned it in an offhand way a couple of times before but we kid together so much, that’s all I thought it was. When I realized that there was an actual real emotion/pain there, I apologized as honestly as I could and they accepted the apology.

I sometimes forget how easy it is to hurt those that are close to you and for whom you care about. I sincerely hope that if any of my words and deeds have hurt anyone, that you would let me know privately via phone, email or a face-to-face so that we can get it out in the open between us and discuss it. Perhaps I did mean to hurt you 😈 but more probably it was an unintentional affront and I would like to talk with you about it.

I’m listening…

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Real listening is a willingness to let the other person change you.

– Alan Alda, Never Have Your Dog Stuffed

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My man Jacob

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Jacob is one of my top (TOP) people in the Bible. And, we were talking to some people tonight and they were getting Jacob’s marital situation all mixed up. So, I was trying to straighten them out and this is what I said (you might have to read it out loud to get it):

Jacob worked 7 years for Leah and then he told his FIL, “Hold up, I wanted the other one.” So, his FIL says, “Give Leah her bridal week and then you can have Rachel.” So, a week after Jacob married Leah, he got her sister. But, he still had to work another 7 years for her. So, he got Rachel up front but he got Leah in arrears.

I think some of the people there were not prepared for that statement! 😆

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OK, I just read the second chapter of Waking the Dead. First off, how bad is it that in the first paragraph of the chapter, I almost instantly realized that he’s describing a scene from The Matrix? 8)

Anyway, here’s a great quote from the chapter: Truth doesn’t need a verse attached to it to be true.

Sometimes, I get sick of people trying to attach verses to things that should just be common sense. Not there’s not a place for Scripture in our lives (there’s a huge place for it). I just don’t think that when you tell your kid to go clean their room, you need to include “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” (Eph. 6:1)

Oh, and as for the chapter, I keep thinking about how I was growing up and if I’d heard the Gospel packaged in this way, how would it have affected me? When my heart was more pliable and soft? It describes a way in which I viewed the world growing up but not in the context of the Gospel. Still thinking..

Off-topic – Someone found my blog today using the search term “old great soccer players”


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In Desperate Need of Clarity

Posted on 2007-01-24. Filed under: Thoughts |

This is the title of a section of Chapter 1 of a book that I just started reading – Waking the Dead by John Eldredge. This section header is very close to the subject of an email I sent to a friend last month – Desperately Seeking Clarity. How interesting is God’s timing!

I have a feeling that this is going to be a good book for me. It is mirroring the class we are in right now in ENLI – The Life of Victory. (Again – how interesting is God’s timing!) One of the comments from one of the teachers tonight was something like the hardest and most important battle you will fight is the battle in your mind. This is something that I discussed with my wife and some friends this past Friday. I’m still chewing on that conversation for it was revealing to me.

Throughout tonight’s lesson, there were quotes from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. One of the teachers downplayed these quotes because she disagreed with Sun Tzu. Her main point was that Sun Tzu’s philosophy was focused on deception. I think she missed the thrust of his arguments but I’ll let that lie. It’s interesting that I was actually thinking this afternoon of The Art of War and how it was time that I re-read it.

There is a quote from Saint Irenaeus in Waking the Dead that is of some importance in Chapter 1. It is “The glory of God is man fully alive.” This quote is from Against Heresies, IV.20.7. There is a longer version of that quote contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

 “the glory of God is man fully alive; moreover man’s life is the vision of God: if God’s revelation through creation has already obtained life for all the beings that dwell on earth, how much more will the Word’s manifestation of the Father obtain life for those who see God.

We receive life from revelation of God. This makes sense as our being is but a mirror of God as we are created in his image. As our revelation of him becomes fuller, so should our life become fuller.

Another important quote in this chapter was John 10:10 – “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” This is used to show why our lives don’t fully reflect God’s image. It is because we have an enemy that is currently at war with us. He wants to take our life (“kill”). Therefore, we have to guard our lives and as it says in Proverbs 4:23 – “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

Like I said before, it’s going to be an interesting book! 🙂

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Making a Difference

Posted on 2007-01-24. Filed under: Life |

After reading about our government, I received a newsletter in email about the work of some brothers and sisters in Las Vegas (I think). They were at a big porn convention handing out Bibles and being Jesus for people who were hungry for change in their lives. Pretty impressive – way to go guys!  Read about it here.

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