My Boy

Posted on 2007-01-11. Filed under: Life, Thoughts |

I really love my boy. He has so much innocence, yet he has such a quirky sense of humor. He enjoys working out with me. He wants to hang out and watch me build servers. He loves playing ball with me – whether it’s catch or soccer. He loves to learn. He’s so much better at video games than me. He’s obedient most of the time for the most part. He’s a great athlete and he loves to draw. He’s so open to other people – he’s such a people person that he’ll chase people down if they don’t say “Hi” back to him after he greets them. He will get his response! When we play cards, he furrows his brow and seems to really be thinking about how to play. He really wants those around him to be happy and enjoy themselves. If they aren’t, he’ll do whatever he has to in order to get them laughing or at least smiling. When I’ve had a rotten day or two, I can count on him to lift my spirits. Yesterday, he asked me to “sleepover” in his room when he got his bunkbed.

I do want him to have siblings to play with. He’s always asking if we can go see our friends so that he can play with their children. He loves it when we spend the night there. Sometimes, when I go downstairs during the day, he’s kinda playing with some toy and you can tell that he’s just passing time ’cause he’s so bored. This year, I really want two more siblings for him.

That’s my boy and I love him.

Thank you God for my son. Bless him with your protection and presence in his life. Show him the great destiny that you have prepared for him. Guard over him spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Draw him close to you and reveal your heart to him. Thank you so much, Father. Amen.

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Amen. As a dad I can relate to your heart, and so can the One who hears your prayers. I’m proud of the way you’re raising your child dude. Good job.

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