It Was a Good Day

Posted on 2007-01-15. Filed under: Life |

Just waking up in the morning gotta thank god
I don’t know but today seems kinda odd
No barking from the dogs, no smog
And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog


Well, actually it was my wifey that cooked breakfast and we did have some of the most delicious bacon ever! 😀


I stayed up late last night and got a lot of work done and then I hung out and watched a little Dead Zone but I had seen the episode, so I just went to bed around 4 AM. I slept in and woke up around 8:30 and quickly cleared up a lot of the remaining work. We opened the windows and let this wonderful air into the house. Everyone in the house was in a good mood. My wife took my son outside to play. I went out and caught up with some of the neighbors. My business partner called me and said that one of our clients paid us up front for a year’s worth of service. My wife went out to have some lunch with some of her friends that needed to kvetch together. 😉 I caught up on some more work and I’ve now finished ripping all of our CDs! I had lunch with my boy and put him down for a nap. My wife came home and we had a little bit of “us” time. Had some coffee and chocolate afterwards and played XBOX with my boy. I found out that one of our primary vendors is currently integrating some software from another of our vendors that we’ve been working on. So, that effectively means that our nationwide rollout will be easier to implement because those two companies will be handling the integration and we won’t have to do it ourselves ❗

I finished up maintenance on two servers, had a delicious dinner and now we’re off to do some shopping. We’ll get back, I’ll do some tutoring with my son and put him down, get some more things done around the house and then chill for the evening with my tender roni.

All in all, a most excellent day! :mrgreen:

Today I didnt even have to use my a.k.
I got to say it was a good day.


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4 Responses to “It Was a Good Day”

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There was no kvetching!! Glad your day was good. You should thank me. BP wanted to get some coffee and it would have taken a looooonnnnnnggggg time. I said no, you were waiting. What a good sister I am 😉

I had originally told her to treat you to Starbuck’s afterwards so she was just being obedient! 😉 However, we had just discussed lunch & coffee – none of the shopping that occurred.
But, I do thank you for looking out for me. I did appreciate having her back before the boy awoke. 😀

I’m so glad you didn’t have to use the a.k. That would h=just be disturbing! LOL

bacon usually seems to give the day a good kickstart.

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