The Canes

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(said in the same way as Bill Swerski’s Super Fans on SNL)

So, tonight I got to see my first hockey game. And, I got to see it the way in which professional sports should be seen.

My business partner and I had been invited to a game by one of our clients. So, he picked up the tickets, the parking pass and then me and we headed over. We thought the crowd might be light because of the weather but there were a lot of people out tonight. We got to the arena and were directed to the VIP Gold parking and we headed into the building. They had just started introducing the teams. We went up to the second floor where we had to show our tickets in order to get by the staff. Then, we started walking down the hall looking for our section. Eventually, we realized that our section was the Lexus Champions Club – a private club inside of the arena. We had to show our tickets again whereupon we were given a bracelet and four beverage coupons each.

We entered the club looking for our seats. We then saw our client and her husband who waved us over and began showing us around the club. After a brief tour, they took us up to the drink bar and her husband asked for a glass of “his special stuff” from the barkeep. They then gave me a glass of whiskey that was the smoothest stuff that I’ve ever drank. It didn’t taste like alcohol at all and I’m not a hard liquor fan. It turned out to be 18 year old Glen Livet Single Malt Whiskey. This is some good stuff!! 😀

I also got a lemon soda and then we got our table and then went up to one of the food bars. I got some NC BBQ, hush puppies and some tomatoes. I split my BBQ into two piles and put some Eastern NC sauce on one and some Western NC sauce on the other. The BBQ was soooo good.

After we ate, we went to our seats (still in the private club) which were sort of in the corner of the rink. We could see the whole ice real well and we weren’t blocked by the goal or the goalee. We stayed there for a little while and then we went back up to the tables and ordered from the other food bar. Her husband had them make a special-order white pizza with a lot of different veggies on it. I really like white pizza and this was pretty good. While we were eating, our client realized that it was almost time for her to go down on the ice and do a giveaway. So, she left and we continued eating and talking. I get along real well with her husband – he’s a good guy. When she was up, we walked closer to the rink to watch her and then we went back to our table. When we were finished with the pizza, her husband looked over at me and said, “I’m thinking a Cosmopolitan.” Now, I honestly don’t even know what that is. But, I do know how hard liquor affects me now. So, I strongly suggested that a glass of Chianti was a better choice. At that time, the dessert tray came out and I got a slice of Snickers pie which was so rich and delicious! We took our desserts over to the seats and ate while we watched the game. Her husband then walked up with the glass of Chianti which I nursed while we waited for his wife to come back and join us. We sat there for the rest of the game and watched the Canes get shut out by the Lightning.

This was my first hockey game ever – I’ve never even watched one on TV. I learned a lot about the game and how it’s played. My business partner and my client’s husband both grew up playing hockey so they were good people to go see a game with. It reminded my a lot of when I played indoor soccer. There’s a similar number of players, you don’t play a particular position so much, the field is pretty compressed, you can play the ball/puck off the wall and the play can be very fast.

While I was there, I ran into another client of ours who was sitting just a few seats over from us. I had just met this guy’s wife yesterday and he was there with her and some other people. In fact, I had called him while I was getting ready to go to the game. Sometimes, I think the world is such a small place!

This was a really cool experience and I am very appreciative for the invitation from our client. It definitely helped soothe the mental itch I’ve been having the last couple of days – at least while I was there. I was speaking today with a friend about distractions and this distraction was quite enjoyable and a great top to a wonderful day spent mostly with friends.

Yeah, I forgot to mention. My family stayed over with some friends last night and we woke up to snow!! The kids went out to play and the adults stayed in and worked out! I got a fair bit of work done and had some fantastic waffles and whipped cream for breakfast and chili and rice for lunch. Good conversation, good food and good exercise!

As we were leaving, I said to my wife in the car, “Do you realize how rare it is that two couples can hang out like this during the middle of the week in the evening and into the next morning and it’s not even summer?” Sometimes, I think about where I expected to be by this point in my life. I see the homes that people live in, the cars that they drive, the benes that they have like the private club we were in tonight. And I wonder what they did to get it that I haven’t done. Some people say I’m too young to think such thoughts but I don’t know about that. It seems age is like a high-peaked mountain. You go up one side as you age and people are always telling you that you’re too young. Then all of a sudden you look around and you’ve crossed the peak and you’re headed back down the other side and you’re now too old. There’s no plateau – no just right. However, even though I have those thoughts, there are other times when i realize that I have so much more freedom in my life than most other people who just work a job like I use to do. Most people get chewed out by their manager because they arrive at work 5 or 10 minutes late in the morning or if their lunch is too long and it takes an act of God to leave 5 or 10 minutes early at the end of the day. I remember those days because they solidified in me a desire that’s been there since at least middle school to own my own business. Now, I just have to build it up to where I can *choose* whether I want the things like the nice house or the nice car (or even the second car! 🙂 ).

So, I just realized how long I’ve rambled. In summary (in the spirit of Dana Carvey’s George Hoover Walker Bush imitation), hockey good – losing bad! Friends good – friends moving too far away bad! Freedom good – only one car bad! 😛

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I’d put a thumbs up icon here but I can’t put an image in so…WHAT YOU SAID!! ~grin~

I like our life too. Sometimes I want stuff like I’ve seen recently but not at the expense of being able to do like we do with the folks we do it with.

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