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Yeah, like miscellanea but different.

I’ve had a sinus infection for almost a week now so I’ve begun using my neti pot again. With that and the yoga I’ve been doing, you might as well paint a red dot on my forehead.

I just finished Velvet Elvis this morning. That book really spoke to me. The author is reiterating a lot of the exact thoughts I’ve had since graduating with my degree in Religious Studies in 1996.  I hope to start his second book soon: Sex God.

I’m coming down to the wire on the weight challenge. This past week, I’ve went backwards but I hope to regain that. Lots of water, caffeine and no sugar and little fat. I’m also eating throughout the day – grazing as it were. I’m trying to avoid big meals and I’m trying to avoid eating late in the evening.

Yesterday, without meaning to, I sold two server installations in five minutes. WTF? I really wasn’t trying to do that. I just wanted to call a guy and let him know about a problem he was having. So, before the end of the week, the hardware will probably be ordered. That means that in the next two months, I have four server installations – and two weeks of vacation! I remember the good old days in the early ’00s when the work slowed down during the summer months. So, this means we’re going to have a good year. But, it also means we’re going to have to get help from our vendors to roll out our nationwide service. We’ll pay them to do the integration of all the pieces rather than doing it ourselves because we just don’t have time.

My mom just called me today and said her beach trip with her sisters was cut short. They do this every year but this year they received a call that the home of one of my aunts  had burned down. So, they all returned home. She has apparently lost everything and didn’t have insurance on the home. That’s a sad situation.

So, those are things on my mind right now. Time to get back to work…

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