Community & My Son

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So, I’m reading Sex God and he starts talking about community and how it comes from our commonalities. And these commonalities aren’t created so much as discovered. They have always been there and as we discover them, we find community.

He then talks about how we respect gifts not so much for their intrinsic value but for reasons that have more to do with how we feel about the giver. Specifically, he mentions a homemade gift from a five-year-old boy to his father. The gift is made out of a few things found in an alley but the father still has the gift on his shelf in his office thirty years later.

It makes me think about how my son is always so giving. He really enjoys sharing and because he enjoys sharing, he expects others to share with him. For him, everything is available for the asking. And, he’s always asking! But, he’s always giving too.

I’m thinking that my boy has it right. In our commonality, we should share more freely. This is a trait that I want to encourage in him. It goes well with his outgoing nature. As we give to one another, we show love to one another. And this expression of love is not only because of our feelings for that particular person but it is also because of our feelings for that person’s Maker – God.

Just as the father kept the gift from the alley and considered it special because of how he felt for the maker of that gift,  so should we consider others special not only for who they are but also because of who made them and how we feel towards him. It is one more way to show gratitude for the mercy and grace and love that he has shown towards us.

So, I will be trying to formulate a new habit of discovering community with other people and expressing love to them. Even if they are one of the types of people that irritate me severely, I will do it not for them (or not only for them) but for Him.

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