The Little Things

Posted on 2007-09-09. Filed under: Life, Prayers |

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make life bearable. It doesn’t mean that you forget what you’re going through; you’re just better able to hang on – better able to persevere. It’s things like enjoying some Peanut Butter Delight with my son that my mom made. I so so so love PBD – it reminds me of my childhood. Back in the day when it was prolly considered a vegetable b/c it’s two main ingredients came from the peanut tree and the cocoa plant. 😆

We had it all the time at school. And it was present at every family get-together – as ever-present as sausage balls! I’ve missed it and didn’t even know it. I’m so glad I was reminded of it recently.

Another “little” thing was playing Keep Away today with my boy and my dad. It was really fun hanging out with them doing something with no real purpose except being together and enjoying one another. It was another memory to hold on to.

I just have this cloud hanging over me. I don’t know if it’s going to produce awful, dangerous, scary thunderstorms or calm, cool, life-giving rainfall. I want life. I need more life in my life – to have a full life, an overflowing abundant life. Some might think that’s like saying I need more sugar on my Frosted Flakes but it just seems like my flakes have gotten soggy.

So I enjoy the little things. As a friend says on her blog, “I strive to treasure moments”. (Hope I got that right! – it’s from memory.)

Today those two moments were worth striving to treasure. May we all have more moments like those! I just need to remember to capture these things in photo. I have the camera; why don’t I use it? 🙄

I also needed the moment of watching the video I posted earlier. I guess I was primed for it because I was broken down for over half an hour after seeing that. I’m glad I was here alone because I wasn’t pretty. The dogs didn’t know what was going on and started howling at me! 😳

Thank you God for life. It’s only through life that I can experience these different things. May they all end up being for your glory! Amen.

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