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G & I fell asleep around 10 at Mom and Dad’s and I woke up at 11:45 PM. Most of the truck was already packed so I just threw the final things in. We said goodbye to Mom & Dad and hit the road. G hates things to change. He’s been sad this past week because he wasn’t home and now that we’re leaving Lenoir, he starts crying and saying how he misses Nonno e Nonna. It’s such a temporary sadness. Not that he truly doesn’t miss them (did I get my negatives right there?); it’s just that he’ll quickly overcome the sadness and enjoy being back in Durham.

We got here about 3:45 and it’s now 5:30 AM. I put G in bed with B when I got here and unpacked the truck. I’ve even got his new bed in his room but it’s still unassembled. I took some recycling out to the curb, unpacked most of the clothes and I have a load in the washer right now. I’ve got G’s toys at his area in the living room for him to put away in their proper place when he wakes up. I’ve unpacked my toiletries and some of G’s. The leftovers from lunch yesterday for G & I at Ruby Tuesday’s are in the fridge along with a stash of Peanut Butter Delight! And I’ve obviously got my laptop unpacked and running. The bills and receipts are arranged here, waiting and ready for me to go through them later today. I’ve left the truck’s back seats down so that I can vacuum the truck today and get the spots I don’t usually clean. I’ll put the seats back up then and return G’s booster seat to the back seat then. And I’ve got 30 minutes to shower and make coffee before my server reports start coming in for the morning. I’m so sticky and sweaty; I really need a shower.

The ride here was pleasant. Mom & Dad gave me a variable speed massage/heating pad (full-body) that helped me sleep well Saturday night. I slept in a recliner chair with the pad massaging my neck and shoulders and was able to get fairly deep sleep. I awoke with my neck feeling pretty good – the best it’s felt in a long time. The pad also has a car adapter so I ran it the whole way here and it felt great! It helped keep me awake and my neck relaxed. And when I got here, my back didn’t feel stiff at all. We only made one stop – at the McD’s in Statesville to get coffee for me and fries for the boy. He rode in the front since the bed took the whole truck. We had to move the front seats almost all the way up in order to get it to fit. Since he was in the front, we talked during the moments he was awake and when he fell asleep, I put my arm across the center console and let him lean against it. There was very little traffic and I listened to music almost the whole way. I had a great sense of God’s peace the whole trip with occasional periods of deep sorrowful conviction. I really felt God’s presence with us and I’m very thankful to you God for giving me that awareness. ❗

Today’s going to be a long day. I’m looking longingly at my bed right now. I guess that hour and 45 minutes I got at Mom and Dad’s is all I’m going to have today. I’ve got so much to do that I’m gonna have to slow my pace down a little or I’ll burn out. Kinda counter-intuitive but it can actually make me more productive when I’m feeling overwhelmed. It’s easier to take one thing at a time when I slow down a little bit. That way, I don’t get overwhelmed by the (literally – I just counted) 101 things on my to-do list for today. 😯

Oops, now I only have 15 minutes to shower and make coffee before the server reports pour in. 😳

Time to make the doughnuts…


UPDATED: To add that I just went into the bathroom to shower and there’s this silvery colored frog sitting on the toilet seat! 😯

What the hell do I do? Do I just flush it? 😆 Guess I need to add task number 102 to the list for today: Defenestrate frog!

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