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I read the following exegesis of Deut. 32:1 – 52 this morning:

…the covenant and its implementation is initiated by God from heaven and those on earth function in a secondary capacity in its consummation. Whatever is to develop according to God’s will on earth begins with action initiated in heaven. This concept emphasizes the importance of prayer as a powerful means of participating in the active momentum of the “heavenly realm” and its outworking on the earth. We open our ears to His Word given from heaven, and He inclines His ear to our prayers! All history is the revelation and expression of God’s creative love and care that are constantly at work by His Spirit in us and through us, His people.

Moses uses the striking metaphor of precipitation – different forms of rain and the dew – to effectively draw attention to the various aspects of God’s Word. The teachings of His Torah fall lightly but persistently like rain, softening and preparing the soil. Even the hardness of stubborn wills, of stony hearts and the inflexibility of stiff necks, can be softened by the water of the Word and prepared to receive seed and life.

The loving promises of God fall gently like the dew, refreshing and sustaining the soul, even through the dry seasons. The rainstorms and showers that descend on the fields of grass and growing herbs can be compared to the “latter rain” outpourings of the Spirit that cleanse, soak and ultimately cause the bringing forth of much fruit.

Just as the Almighty controls the wind and the rain (Job 26:8,13), by His Spirit He is continually at work in the unfolding history of His elect nation, Israel, and in the lives of all His children throughout the earth.

This is a glorious outburst of praise in recognition of the character of God. Who could not worship Him? Every word He speaks and every decree He issues is perfect. At the heart of our faith and trust in Him is the belief that, in His infinite wisdom and perfectly righteous character, our Father God knows and does what is best for His children. Often in the face of natural disaster and the inexplicable tragedy of man’s inhumanity to man, we are tempted to cry out, “Why?” Even then we must trust our fully righteous and compassionate God to lift us up and enable us to stand on the Rock, who is immovable and cannot be shaken.

One observer has creatively described that during our brief journey through time we see only a limited view of the tapestry that the Lord is weaving; and what we see is only the disordered underside! On the day Messiah returns in His glory as King of the whole earth, all will be revealed in its beauty and glowing perfection. Till then we can persevere in the knowledge of His everlasting love and support, and we can joyfully proclaim as does King David: “The Lord lives; blessed be my Rock…” (2 Samuel 22:47).


Praise God who is in control of all things and wants the best for me! I will wait on Him!

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