Anxiety Anti-Remedies

Posted on 2007-09-12. Filed under: Thoughts |

I was reading this article ( and found this quote spot-on:



– Just pull yourself together.
– Just relax.
– Stop worrying.
– Just ignore your problems.
– Snap out of it.
– Take a vacation, you’ll feel better.
– Just have more faith, or pray more.
– Your problems aren’t so bad. You should be able to cope.
– Is God punishing you for some sin?


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3 Responses to “Anxiety Anti-Remedies”

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Just curious: What kinds of things are appropriate to say?

Oftentimes Marla, it’s best to just let your friend/family member/whatever know that you’re there for them and to just listen instead of saying anything. What to say will eventually come…

This is good to know. I have a tendency to want to “fix” things and make everything “all better.” Consequently, I might be overheard saying something trite like, “No matter how dark the night, morning always comes,” or “This too shall pass.” Well, actually those aren’t exactly trite statements since there’s a lot of truth in them, yet they aren’t really what people experiencing anxiey want to hear.

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