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My Day

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Today has flown by so fast. I woke up around 6:30 on G’s futon and made some coffee and began working. This morning was real busy with a lot of support requests. I guess that’s what’s to be expected for a Monday. There just seemed to be so many of them though. By the time, I looked up it was 12:30 and I couldn’t remember having eaten anything except for my protein bar and coffee at 6:30. So, I made some lunch and got dressed. I had another meeting at 2 PM regarding the nationwide rollout. This meeting was more on how we plan to bill and account for the money. We did a lot of work on the General Ledger and how the income will be mapped. It was a productive meeting. But I seem to always come away from these meetings with so much more to do. I came home, woke up G, and helped him get dressed for soccer practice. I took a couple more support calls and then we went to practice. I got to talk to a friend I haven’t spoken with for a long time – well, since prolly June anyway. He’s Colombian so it was hard to speak on the phone since his accent is a little thick. We’ll prolly have coffee later this week. And at practice, I got to speak to another friend on the phone who always seems so busy – too busy to talk, almost – but it really helped just to talk with him.

G had a good practice – he was really chasing the ball which was great. He had a couple of near-goals. I really need to spend some time with him on soccer. We’ve neglected it. Then, we went to the grocery store and brought two limes back. I stood in a checkout line that was forever and this woman as I get up to her she turns off her light, tells me aisle 7 is open and looks away. I don’t think she expected me to raise my voice at her! 😉 I was not going to wait another 10 minutes to buy 2 limes!

We get home and B made some Mexican soup which is real spicy and good along with some crispy tortillas. Dinner was good and then we went for a walk and now I’m home. Today has just flown by!

I have a headache – too much emotion lately. Today was a very emotional and emotive day. I would like a glass of wine but I’m just so afraid of not feeling anything; I know how good that would feel. Maybe I’ll watch The Terminal. I really like that movie and we have it from Netflix so… There’s also a movie with Sofia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni – two of the greatest names in Italian cinema. But I’m gonna wait till I’m in the mood for that one.

Tonight, there’s six servers upon which I need to perform maintenance. I did a lot of it through the day and just have a couple of tasks left on each server. I also need to uprgrade a single antivirus installation and I got a part I needed for a server build that I’m doing (last last one this year – yay!). And that’s not even mentioning the tasks I have to keep the nationwide rollout moving. Prolly the most important task is to clean up our customer data to prepare it for import into our CRM software and making sure it has the proper links necessary for our GL. So, there’s lots to do but I need a break. I’ve got such a sore neck and it really hurts to sit at the computer. I have a gift certificate for a massage but I’m waiting to use that. This physical pain in my neck is a reminder to me. But right now, it’s making it hard to sit at the computer.

At least I don’t have an appointment tomorrow until 4 PM.

You know, there’s an old saying about how I’d rather wear out than rust out. I think it’s from Roosevelt or someone like that. Anyway, lately, I’ve felt neither. I’ve felt like I’m being stretched thin. I’m just wondering if the stretching continues, where will I break? Maybe a month in a mental institution would be good right now. The weather’s nice and those folks get to walk in a garden, right? Should I just start slobbering and blabbering now? But then again, they have to eat cafeteria food and that WOULD make me go insane. Still, if I smuggle in a few cases of smokes, maybe I could get some tasty treats. Or does that only work in prison?

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