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My Wednesday

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I finally got the integration working between the two servers used for our nationwide rollout!!!

There’s still some stuff I have to figure out but this is major progress – yay!

I took care of a lot of support calls this morning and then I took some time for myself this afternoon. And then I took care of a couple more support calls at the end of the workday. Afterwards, I made dinner. I made this: A Good Easy Garlic Chicken. And I heated up some penne from yesterday to complement it. I just made one change – I used real garlic instead of garlic powder because it just seems to taste so much better that way. I like to slice it paper thin.

Afterwards, there was a request for ice cream. So, we went to the mall and they got some ice cream. Then, G & I went to Barnes & Noble while B went to J. Jill. And now, we’re back here.

That’s a pretty quick synopsis. I look at my to-do list for the day and I shudder. But, I’ll prolly take a short nap and work through the night. Oh, and I’ve decided to make prayer my primary spiritual pursuit. I’m just really feeling drawn that way. I’ve been reading this book called Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home and it’s really been speaking to me. There’s this whole list of books that it refers to that I now want to read.

And that’s about it. For more, you’ll have to wait for the next episode… 😛

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Don’t Like the Jokes?

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My boy is sooo like me!

Yesterday, on our way to Chapel Hill, he says, “Hello?“.

Me: “Hello.

G: “Soccer jersey? Soccer jersey. Goodbye!

That just struck me as so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing. So, I told him it was funny and he again says, “Hello?“.

Me: “No, G, it was funny the first time.

G: “Don’t like the jokes? This time it’s different.

Me: “OK, go ahead.

G:  “Hello?

Me: “Hello.

G: “Soccer jersey? Soccer jersey. Goodbye!

I got suckered! I love joking around with him because we both “get” each other’s sense of humor and we really truly enjoy making each other laugh!!

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