The Imitation of Christ

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OK, so I’m reading this book by Thomas a Kempis and here’s some great quotes from it so far:

  •  It is better to experience contrition than to be able to define it.
  • To be well versed in Scripture and all the sayings of philosophers will not profit you if you are without God’s love and His grace.
  • How foolish to wish for a long life, but not care whether it is a good life
  • Always think kindly of others, while holding yourself as nothing; this is true wisdom and leads to perfection. If you see another commit a grievous sin, or whose faults are flagrant, do not regard yourself as better, for you do not know what you would do if similarly tempted. You are in good disposition now, but you do not know how long you will persevere in it. Always keep in mind that all are frail, but none so frail as yourself.
  • What good will it do us to learn many things, the knowledge of which will not help us on judgment day, nor hurt us if we do not know them?
  • Who has a greater struggle than those who labor to overcome themselves?
  • There is no absolute perfection in this life, for there is always some imperfection attached to it; likewise there is no knowledge in this world that is not mixed with some ignorance. Therefore, a humble self-knowledge is a surer way to God than a search after deep learning.
  • On the day of judgment we will not be asked what we have read, but what we have done; neither will we be asked how well we have spoken, but how devoutly we have lived.
  • If you are humble and submissive to God’s will, you will have peace in all you do.
  • It is truth that must be sought in Holy Scripture, not beauty of expression.
  • When people desire anything to an excessive degree, they immediately lose their peace of soul.
  • We find our peace only by resisting our passions, not by giving in to them.
  • Do not consider yourself better than others, for you may be worse in God’s sight.
  • Do not open your heart to everyone, but only to one who is wise, God-fearing, and who can keep your confidence.

And those are the things that really stuck with me from the first ten chapters!

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