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The Body

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Today, I experienced the most powerful church service that I can remember. Here’s what I experienced:

  • I experienced God’s love knitting together a group of believers who had genuine concern for one another.
  • I experienced God’s grace working through His Body as they accepted new believers into the fold as they were. There was no apparent condemnation for where they were. There was no comparison to where they should be. The new believers were just accepted as on the journey – just as everyone else was.
  • I experienced hearing new believers share where they were in their walk with God in a very honest (almost blunt) way. And they felt comfortable enough to do it because they felt accepted into the Body. There was no need to be “fake”; there was no need to whitewash anything. It all came out.
  • I experienced watching these believers experience the joy of doing something they knew God wanted them to do and I experienced communally the joy of sharing that special time with them.
  • I experienced seeing multiple reflections of God as each new believer who spoke was so different. But they all had a similar heart. A special case was a boy unable to talk or express himself clearly who exuberantly radiated God’s love and concern for others and who was swept up in glee at obeying God and who was completely accepted for who he was and was even celebrated for it.
  • Today, I experienced a ceremony that was overcome with celebration. And the celebratory exuberance of His Body was pure and united and innocent and right. I haven’t felt connected to other believers like that before. I haven’t felt connected to God like that in a long time.

Praise God! I went into the service today with some very Pharisaical thoughts upon looking back at them. I am intrigued by the community I experienced today. It felt like the way church seems like it should feel. And yes I am using words like feel and experienced because communal congregation and worship are experiences that you feel. They are an experiential expression of what you know and what you believe. They are an act of faith. And today my faith was increased.

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