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We have to love people for who they are and not who we want them to be. If we love people for who we want them to be, then the love is based on a shaky illusion built up in our minds of who that person is. However, if we love them for who they are, we can meet them where they are and express that love in a way (hopefully) that they can receive it.

Yes, we can desire for someone we love to change something about themselves. But that desire should have no impact on the love we feel for that person. If that is the case, the love needs to be reexamined. Is that truly love?

Re-reading that, there seems to be a supposition that love needs to be based on knowing. To love someone is to first know them. Can true love exist without knowing the beloved?

Jesus loves us as we are. He knows who we are – better than we know ourselves. He loved us as we were. He knows who we were – and his memory is much better than ours. Yes, He desires change in our life but that desire doesn’t impact His love for us.

Just some thoughts during my meditative time today… There’s more hear, I think, but my cognitive functions are impaired by the overwhelming sleep deprivation I’ve experienced lately. Perhaps the bridge between the love and the desire is grace.

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