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Hey, Scott Rooks!!! ;)

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My mind came to rest on you during my quiet meditative time this evening and I came to realize that you have modeled a very Godly masculine love in a way that I can understand and appreciate. Thank you for being consistent and for exuberantly reaching out to people.

I think God was telling me tonight to reflect more on your example and see what it teaches me about myself.

So, thank you very much! I hope you’re doing well.


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Three observations so far today

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On my ability to teach my son: It’s 10:06 AM. Last night at bedtime, I read to G the story King Midas and the Golden Touch. Today, as we were getting ready to head out for a bike ride, he kept talking to himself about wanting a lot of gold. I interrupted him and told him he sounded a lot like King Midas and asked him what King Midas learned was worth more than gold. His reply – “Cash!” Perhaps we need to re-read that story.

On the current weather: While we were outside this morning, we saw a frog on the blacktop that literally looked like it had been overcooked. It was completely dried out and leathery. I’m thankful for AC and a roof.

On our neighborhood: We walked by the place down the road where the guy dries his clothes on the hood of his car. Nope – there was no underwear there (this time). But, the car not only had clothes on the hood that were drying; it’s now on jacks! Are we really going that ghetto or redneck (same thing) around here?

That’s it for now…

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