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Spiritual Combat

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Here’s another great quote from Henri Nouwen that reminds one that being among those we love and that love us does not keep the darkness at bay. It actually may even highlight the darkness in such a way that it is felt more acutely.

Life in community does not keep the darkness away. To the contrary. It seems that the light that attracted me to L’Arche also made me conscious of the darkness in myself. Jealousy, anger, the feeling of being rejected or neglected, the sense of not truly belonging — all of these emerged in the context of a community striving for a life of forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing. Community life has opened me up to the real spiritual combat: the struggle to keep moving towards the light precisely when the darkness is so real.

— Henri Nouwen, The Return of the Prodigal Son

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Letting Go

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Detachment is often understood as letting loose of what is attractive. But it sometimes also requires letting go of what is repulsive. You can indeed become attached to dark forces such as resentment and hatred. As long as you seek retaliation, you cling to your own past. Sometimes it seems as though you might lose yourself along with your revenge and hate — so you stand there with balled-up fists, closed to the other who wants to heal.

— Henri Nouwen, With Open Hands

I am pondering this today. I am being freed from past anger, resentment and hatred. I am ready to move forward and mature into my destiny.

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